Hotel chatbot solution to improve front office operations.

July 10, 2021
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With the progression of chatbots in the hotel industry in recent years, it's quite easy to be left behind.

Using the hotel chatbot example on this page we will see first hand how a hotel chatbot works in hotel front office operations, can help improve hotel revenue and for general use in a hospitality business.

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Where can chatbots be used in hospitality business?

Here are some use cases (with live examples) of how you can use a hotel chatbot to supercharge your hotel website.

1. Help your guests get the answer to any pre-stay questions they may have.

Hotel chatbot rich responses

These AI hotel chatbots can switch from query to query (intent to intent) and get your guests the answers they want quickly and efficiently using your hotels voice.

hotel chatbot solution - intents

In the image above you can see the chatbot handling 2 queries. (one about wifi, then the other about breakfast)

We can also go into more detail regarding each query. See below:

hotel chatbot multiple intents

2. Improve hotel revenue by enabling the chatbot check prices/availability and complete bookings.

Pretty much any booking engine can be integrated (or any webpage actually) or a seamless transition from chat or query to checking prices and even completing a booking.

The hotel chatbot solution will, thanks to NLP processing (and our thorough pre-launch training) detect queries and many many variants such as:

"Do you have a room available next Friday?"
"I need to know the prices..."
"How much are your double rooms?"

Hotel chatbot booking example

3. Connect to external API's to help your hotel chatbot provide dynamic responses.

In our hotel chatbot example we use a couple of external API's to make it kinda more interesting.

Our bot can give the current weather conditions.

It's set up for Lisbon but we have access to all the data using the Open Weather Map API

Hotel Chatbot Exmple

This opens up virtually limitless possibilities to retrieve live data from API endpoints to enrich your bot's responses.

Google Sheets can also be leveraged as a database where information can be both entered and retrieved by your chatbot.

4. Use data to improve the experience as your hotel chatbot learns.

Chatbot analytics is the process of analyzing historical bot conversations to gain insights about chatbot performance and customer experience.

Our work as a chatbot developer doesn’t end once the bot goes live.

Due to increasing competition in every industry, guest experience has become the key driver in gaining a competitive edge.

After we deploy a hotel chatbot, it is time to track how people are using it by...

1. Creating better guest experiences
2. Optimising Response Effectiveness
3. Understanding User Behaviors
4. Increasing User Satisfaction, Engagement, and Conversion
5. Better handling mundane and/or time-consuming tasks so that front office staff can spend more time creating personal relationships with guests
6. Handling inquiries faster and more efficiently
7. Ensuring more accurate service that reduces costs and risks of human error
8. Identifying unique cross-selling and upselling opportunities

Reports on traditional analytics metrics:
Engagement and Retention
Cohort Analysis
Users and Sessions

Build insight via conversational data specific reports:
NLP response effectiveness
Top Messages and Intents
Conversation paths
Live Transcripts

Actionable tools: 
Live person takeover
Alerts & triggers
Broadcasting messaging
Phrase clustering

5. How to implement a hotel chatbot.

You basically have 2 options:

1. Upskill your current team with the skills and knowledge to build and deploy an AI hotel chatbot solution or:

2. Engage a chatbot developer with the necessary conversation building, tools and programming knowledge.

Being honest, building a basic FAQ chatbot isn't that difficult.

For example, Google's Dialogflow has endless tutorials online and the learning curve isn't that steep.

It only starts getting complicated when you want to add functionality and webhooks.
(Like in our ai hotel chatbot example: checking the weather, checking prices and availability, live receptionist hand off, booking tours, sending confirmation emails, etc)

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